B612 is a photo filter editor app that contains many tools for smoothing skin tone and removing blemishes for making portraits come out perfect. It is very simple to use as well as it works very well. Because of this functionality, you can be ready for the photo anytime.

Firstly when you open the B612, you will be provided with a guideline for the user process. You can select “Self Portrait”, “Magic Brush” or “Beauty Effects” when you are ready for beautifying your photos.

The “Self Portrait” mode lets you take a photo through the camera of your phone and save it on your camera roll. “B612” will provide you with access to all of your photos. It will help you to choose an existing one to touch up. You will be taken to the editing screen when you select the picture. There you will get different tools, including some for adjusting the brightening, removing acne, the tone of your skin, and making your face slim.

Once you edit the photo, the app provides you with the option of sharing the photo via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and e-mail. You can also only save the photo on your phone without sharing it. It is free and has the amazing functionality of an Online makeup editor. It’s best to try, generally if you are taking the photos of the portrait-type of yourself or others.

B612  is being used by 100 million people around the world.

You can easily smooth the skin, brighten eyes, erase the blemishes, whiten the teeth, edit eye color, add photo filters, and blur photos, and many more with the “B612 ”.

It is like our secret. “B612” has done a great job with famous photographers, makeup artists, as well as with real people just like you for developing the perfect photo.

It is one of the best tools which is very easy to use and provides a perfect result. Editing of it is so natural looking that no one will know that you have used an app.

“Photo Editor” adds a great skin color for the perfect face. “Retouch skin tone” is a makeover tool for making skin smooth. “Blemish remover” helps in making pimples and other skin problems disappear. “Brighten Eyes” make your eyes look great. “Edit eye color” helps in making it eye-catching to your hair color and style. “Teeth Whitening” helps you in making natural beauty effects in your smile.

Selfy, Selfy, Selfy

We all love taking pictures. We love it all the more if we look great in those pictures. B612 helps you take amazing photos of yourself and others. Using its front and rear end cameras you can snap beautiful pictures and selfies with friends and family. You also have a selfie timer with which you can take timed selfies to have more time to pose. Another benefit this app offers is the tap the screen to shoot mode which comes in handy while taking a selfie and a groupie.


Are you willing to do a quick retouch? Don’t worry! Our “photo editor” will take your strangeness on its shoulders. You can retouch by using many special beauty effects and quickly view the photo or video in B612.

Just select the one in which you want to take your flawless photo or video with just a single click. Magic brush will provide unique effect brushes i.e. Glow, Neon, Stars, and many others…