How To Make Your Android App Reviews Look Amazing In 5 Days

We have more seats in the auditorium/stage more lockers next to classes and enough lockers for every student it would be very nice buy app ratings android if there was a hospital with an ambulance and waiting room (a place where the babies could be born), police station/uniform with police car ,fire station/uniform with fire truck,restaurants with menus and waiters/waitresses and kitchen, car wash with workers, little markets(candy), exciting places such as museums & amusement parks for entertainment or field trips., daycare for babies I personally think of this as my favorite game and I love it a lot but it….

Why You Shouldn't Trust App Ratings on Google Play


  • More food 
  • A restorount 
  • A pet store 
  • A pool 
  • A work office 
  • More clothes
  • A park 
  • More People
  • A friends house 
  • A ballet class 
  • A basket ball area 
  • A soccer place get app reviews ios
  • A ice skating rink 
  • A gym 
  • More baby supplies such as a store 
  • A library 
  • A doctors office 
  • A beach 
  • Cars 
  • A dunking donuts 
  • A base ball field or soft ball 
  • A Mall”
  • “I think you should add these things:
  • more people(adults & children)
  • teens girls & boys 
  • more babies 
  • grandparents 

an option to make the mothers look pregnant different types of cars that can be moved that have seat belts,car seats,trunk that can open multiple houses various sizes with different rooms so all families could have a home. different seasons(rain,snow,wind)and have appropriate clothes for the weather(raincoats/boots,big coats)jobs such as offices and factories for mom and dad to work at 

different houses separate rooms for the children based on the gender and age. extra rooms/extra beds garage with tools (lawn mower) attic/basement with boxes full of stuff (trophies,books,other random stuff) more accessories(paintings,blankets,pillows,ect.) and furniture(dressers,desks,ect.)for the rooms a pool with swimsuits,diving board,pool toys have the tv in the living room play different channels, movies, video games have a sofa in the living room.

a hallway closet washroom with hampers playroom for children with white boards, puzzles, toys,toy box,little chairs,drawing tables. more cabinets/chairs in the kitchen more stores such as a furniture /home accessory car dealership with many options of cars shoe store jewelry/hat  store 

more clothes in the store. and can be able to mix and match the bottoms and tops. clothes for babies and different clothes for teenagers. and purses that can hold items. (maybe different clothing stores for each gender/age) baby store with diapers,car seats,strollers,ect.  maybe make a mall with various stores and a food court buy reviews google play a bigger variety of food in the grocery store little things such as video games,perfumes,phones,ect.  movie /game  store

pet store with animals and accessories(food,cages,beds,collars/leashes)that can be brought home add a gymnasium/playground/ basketball court./field/blacktop/locker rooms with uniforms for P.E. class and teacher 

music room. to be able to play the instruments (piano,guitars,tubas,violins,ect.)music sheets art room. to be able to paint, draw, sculpt, ect. library. with many books/textbooks that students can read and take home and computers more classrooms with enough chairs for all children to sit together vending machines office with nurse and teacher lounge costumes for drama to put on plays on the stage 

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