App Store Optimization (ASO): Trends for iOS app installs in 2020

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and services using digital technologies mainly with the use of internet. Social media, mails, blogs, videos. Basically, everything can be used for digital marketing. It also includes use of tele marketing and digital posters for the advertisement of the product or service. Many app marketing companies have realised the potential of digital marketing and that’s why the late 2010s saw a rapid boom in the use of digital media for advertisement. The advantages are many to speak of. Firstly, it saves the cost of paper and banner printing. All those dollars spent on getting pamphlets printed is now being saved. It also helps the ASO companies to keep better track of expenses and the related outcome. 

App Store Optimization 

Let’s come into the main thing now. The bulk use of Digital Marketing is being focussed on one single thing. Apps! Yes, the applications that you use on your smart phone. Developers throughout the world have been using digital marketing to showcase their product and thus ultimately gain profits. 

App Store Optimization is a fairly new thing and has been in trend for only 5-6 years now. But despite that the growth in this field has been spectacularly huge. 

Let us understand what App Store Optimization is. 

Generally speaking, App Store Optimization is the process of improving the app’s presence in the App Store with the use of some practices designed to help your app appear more in the App Store. This term is applicable for the Play Store, iOS App Store as well as the Amazon Store. There has been increase in no of app store optimization companies since 2015.

How does it help?

Firstly, let us get you acquainted with the market scenario at the iOS Store. The iOS Store has about 2.2 million plus apps and this number just keeps on growing with each passing day. With so many apps in the iOS Store, the competition is immense and it just keeps on getting worse. 

When you optimize your app, you improve your app’s visibility in the iOS Store. Confused on how it works? Let us explain. Say, you submitted a gaming app in the App Store. When your app is launched, it has a very low visibility in the iOS Store. People would normally not know about your app unless you were smart and did some pre-marketing planning. In case you did not invest in marketing, your app is most likely to get a maximum of 100 downloads per week or maybe even less. This happens because when search for an app, the app which has more rating or more downloads come in the top of the list. For a new app, there are no chances to come at the top of the search list. 

Now, when you add specific keywords to your app and optimize it according to marketing trends, you are increasing the chances of your app being discovered through a search query. Let’ say you added a keyword named Football. Now when people will search using the keyword Football, they will see your app. Maybe not on the top, but your app will definitely appear. 

More Search Rating

The number of app download co-relate to the search rating of an app. In simpler words, an app with more number of downloads will have a better search rating. When people will search for an app in the iOS Store, they will see the app with better search rating. In short, more the number of downloads, more is the search rating and more is your app’s presence in the app store. The number of download again is dependent on your app’s visibility which can be improved by improving the app ratings as well as reviews. 

2017 saw  the use of a relatively large number of methods to increase the number of app installs. Let us have a look in the iOS App trends of 2018.

iOS App Trends

iOS App Store remained the second most populous market for apps with around 2.2 million apps listed in the App Store. As per recent figures, the revenue generated by the iOS App Store stands at 88 billion USD as of 2017. This is a whooping value which is expected to go double fold by 2020. 

The iOS App Store witnessed a total of 180 billion downloads and app installs. As per a report by Statista, Gaming continues to be the most popular category in app installs with an astonishing 25% share in the App Store. Business apps are all set to become the newest trend with around 9.8% occupancy followed by Educational apps with an involvement of 8.49% and more. Social media apps continue to be in the trending list but has been overtaken by competitors for sure. Lifestyle apps has 8.32% share only next to Entertainment with a share 6.05%. 

The overall business of iOS can be tracked down. With the apps generating huge revenue, it is for sure that 2018 will witness more of apps and also a progressive increase in the advertising methods to increase the app downloads. 


Contrary to the popular belief that the majority of the revenue generated by iOS Store is attributed to the app installs, the real figures say otherwise. Most of the revenue comes from in-app advertising (also the most hated) with a total contribution of more than 60%. The next big thing is app installs where developers charge a small amount of fee. App conversion continue to be the smallest contributor yet again and this is unlikely to be changing soon. The reason is simple. With so many apps present for use, no one wants to pay and get a subscription when they can install another app and use it for a while before changing to another. 

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